S&P Baseball is the premier pitching program in St. Louis, Missouri.


In today's competitive world of youth sports, parents and kids are always looking for any advantage they can get over the competition. Many high school coaches rely on outside clubs or select coaching to prepare their players for the upcoming season, but use outdated techniques and drills. Many clubs tout that their system is the best and to be successful you need to be part of their program. In reality, today’s club sports are more about being a member of “XYZ” Club and not the developmental aspect of the game. 


S&P Baseball is not a team and does not have an allegiance to any club.  We are a player development program that focuses on individual players. Our program is designed to help athletes build a stronger arm using movements to reinforce proper mechanics, build and retain muscle memory, and create a solid mental approach to throwing and pitching, thereby allowing them to rise above the rest and move up to the next level of competition.  



Who We Are and Why We Do It

During the summer of 2018, the founders noticed a need for baseball players to be taught and guided through a very successful arm program.


We are two former collegiate players who want to share our knowledge, experience, and passion with the athletes we work with. We want to show you how we learned from our failures and successes. Colin Powell said that "there are no secrets to success, it is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure." Athletes develop bad habits at a young age and when you pair that with constant repetition, those bad habits unfortunately become second nature. We would like to help you break out of those bad habits and put you back on track to play at the next level. 


We founded S&P Baseball to help maximize the potential and longevity of an athlete's career.

Successful baseball has always centered around physical ability, strong mechanics, and most importantly a solid mental approach and toughness. As a pitcher, it is not about throwing blazing fastballs past the best hitter.


As Hall of Famer Warren Spahn said, "Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing." 


If you have the commitment, desire, and ability to follow our program, S&P Baseball will make you a better pitcher and allow you to up your game.



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