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Nancy McConnell

Mother of Christian McConnell

I wanted to reach out to you quickly when I had a moment to thank you and Alex for working with Christian on his arm care and pitching on Sunday evenings. I have seen a difference in just the short amount of time you have worked with him.  Although he has had pitching instruction in the past for some reason, he has seemed to connect with what you have taught him in tweaking his hitch and it showed in his command and velocity. As the opening tournament season began, Christian was much more confident and aggressive on the mound - Great to see!


Matt Stembridge
General Manager - Hannibal Hoots


"Oswald is as genuine a person I know in baseball and in life. He is a servant first and foremost! Those traits, in addition to a tremendous amount of experience as both a player and coach, allow him to provide an outstanding service to young pitchers. He understands first-hand the challenges associated with remapping the movement patterns required to pitch at a high level. He possesses a unique ability to communicate tangible feedback to pitchers of all ages. Having worked with him at youth camps previously, young players thrive under his guidance. He motivates those he leads by demonstration, critical evaluation and a passion for serving others. I am excited to watch his career as both an instructor and mentor in this game. Parents would be doing themselves a tremendous favor by tapping into the charisma, passion and knowledge he will provide these young men. Alex is going to be a tremendous resource for young players in this game. He has a passion for helping young people prepare for life and sport. His track record speaks for itself. An accomplished athlete in his own right, in addition to serving the youth in the greater Miami area through his previous organization. A bulldog on the mound and in life. An overachiever athletically, he inspires young people to do the same. Young players need to understand adversity and how to overcome obstacles to success. With his help young pitchers will be ready to compete at a high level. Confidence comes from preparation and quality instruction. These young guys in his care will not lack in confidence come game day!"

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