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What We Do

These are the services we currently offer that will allow players and organizations to play at the next level. 

Boys Baseball Team

Pitching Development Program

Mound-work, arm development, and educate players on proper throwing techniques in addition to increasing arm strength, control, movement, and velocity. 

Baseball and glove

Arm Development Program

Developing your arm no matter what position you play. We will develop your throwing techniques which will increase arm strength, accuracy, and velocity across the diamond or from the outfield. One of the five major tools is your arm.

Baseball Bats

Consulting Services

Not only do we strive for player development, but we are also looking to help organizations set up pitching and arm development programs for their players. S&P Baseball will assess your organizational needs for a throwing program and will be with you every step of the way. We will also be available for one-on-one sit-down consulting to prepare a solid arm development program for any individual athlete.  

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