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S&P Baseball Staff


Oswald Silvestre


Oswald was born and raised in Miami, FL. He played high school baseball and obtained an Academic/Athletic scholarship to John Wood Community College (JW) in Quincy, IL. Throughout his time at JW, he ranked in the top 5 in many pitching categories such as ERA, IP, W, and SO. Oswald made tremendous improvements during his time at JW, as he came in as a freshman topping out 86 MHP in high school. He bought into the program and excelled during his first year: he was sitting 87-88 MPH on his fastball and topping out 89 MPH. Most of his development came along during his second year of college, where he finished off his year sitting 89-92 MPH and flashing 93 MPH on his fastball. 

Oswald states, "Most of my improvement came in my second year due to the fact that our pitching coach had left the program that year and as a team leader our head coach looked upon his sophomores to guide the freshman. During the time I was acting as both a player and coach, I was preaching mechanics so much that all the techniques and philosophies became second nature to me. I think that as a player, the more you practice movement, the more beneficial it will be to you as a player."

After completing his two years of Junior College and obtaining an Accounting Associates Degree, he transferred to Quincy University (QU) in Quincy, IL, to play his remaining years of eligibility as a Hawk. During his junior year at QU, Oswald was named the "ACE" of the staff at the start of the year. He started 11 games for the Hawks during that season.


He pitched with a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder throughout his junior year. Even with a torn labrum, Oswald was able to maintain his velocity and battle day-in and day-out. He didn't see an increase in velocity that year due to the injury but he was still able to sit in the low 90s. After his junior year, Oswald had surgery which caused him to sit out his true senior year and come back for a fifth year. Throughout his time at QU, Oswald also served as a leader and a pitching guru. He assisted all players when the pitching coach was not around. Due to the extensive knowledge Oswald provided to the team, he was able to help on and off the field when he was not at his best. Oswald didn't see much action during his last year as he was still not 100% recovered, but he went on to graduate in May 2016 with a double major in Finance and Sports Management.


Oswald hopes to teach young baseball players proper techniques at a young age in order to prevent longterm athletic injuries. Oswald states, "I felt like I started late, learning proper throwing techniques. I wish I had better instructions as a youth player."



Alexander Pena


Alex was born and raised in Miami, FL, where he began playing baseball at a young age. He played in high school and, like Oswald, obtained an Academic/Athletic scholarship to John Wood Community College (JW) in Quincy, IL. Throughout his time at JW, he ranked top 5 in the nation with rankings in multiple pitching categories such as ERA, IP, and Saves.
Coming in as a freshman to a Junior College, the closer spot was already taken by a sophomore, so Alex had to compete for the closer role. Alex, knowing he was not the hardest throwing pitcher on the staff, knew he had more to offer than just the pitching. He had the killer instinct and knew he could dominate any team - especially any hitter. With his first appearance against #1 ranked Heartland, he struck out the side to close-out the game and take down a #1 ranked team in the conference and top 10 nationally ranked team.


Alex came into JW sitting 79-81 MPH on his fastball. By the start of the regular season, he was sitting 85-87 MPH and touching 88 MPH. Even though Alex was not a hard thrower, his ability to control his fastball and follow it up with a cutter that dominated any hitter on the plate was what separated him from the rest. Alex's biggest success came from the mental side of the game. No matter what the odds were, he always kept a bulldog's hungry and aggressive mentality on and off the field. 

After completing his first year of Junior College, Alex returned home to Miami and began working as a Director for the Boys & Girls Club of Miami Dade. At his time there, he was the lead director for the high school program and was very involved with the athletic programs, guiding teenagers throughout their journey in high school and setting them up for success.
Alex hopes to instill the importance of the mental aspect of the game and the importance it plays on and off the field. He hopes to teach athletes that the game is 90% mental and 10% physical.  



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